India and China – Strategic Partners of the future

By Sarkaritel July 21, 2014 11:47

India and China  – Strategic Partners of the future

New Delhi, July 21 : Dr Liu Youfa, Consul General of China, Mumbai Released – The Book on India – China : ‘India and China have a huge potential for ties Infrastructure and Education Sector ; Dr Liu Youfa.


“The Silk Road Rediscovered”, written by Anil K Gupta, Girija Pande and Haiyan Wang, has predicts that India-China relationship is at the cusp of transformational change – from a largely trade-driven relationship to one
driven increasingly by investment.

Speaking at the release of the book organized by Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII). Mr Anil Gupta said that in next 5 to 10 years china will be the largest economies, and India and china will be the largest economies. There are companies like TCS, Mahindra which are doing very well in China
and India, as these pioneers.

He said that the cooperative engagement between the two countries will take place not only directly, like NIIT and Mahindra, but also indirectly through acquisitions in third country, like acquisition of British company JLR by Tata Motors, acquisition of Korean company Sangyong by Mahindra Group, acquisition of Volvo Cars by Chinese company Geely and acquisition of German pump maker Putzmeister by Chinese company Sany. He said that over the next ten years, China will be the leading economy of the world and India will probably be the third or fourth larges teconomy.

Dr Liu Youfa, Consul General of China, Mumbai at the launch reemphasized the need for closer ties between India and China. He said ‘India and China indeed have a huge potential for ties in sectors such as Infrastructure and Education to name a few.’

Dr Ajit Ranade, Group Chief Economist of the Aditya Birla Group, while outlining the macro economic factors, said, India and China relationship is the largest growing in the world, infact it is twice as much as both countries growing individually. The exchange of goods and services between the two countries would reach cross $100 billion soon.  All this is happening at this point when there is no investment linkage between the countries but trade relations between the two countries is galloping.

Mr Rajeev Dubey, Group President HR, Coproate Services and aftermarket sector, Mahindra and Mahindra during his address, while highlighting of the micro factors spoke about what took the Mahindra group to do business in China spoke. He said China is the second largest in tractor business and Mahindra tractors is the world leader in tractor business, so the group wanted to have presence in China as well as export out of China. He further said, to be successful in a country like China, there has to be a long term commitment and patience. There is a huge opportunity for India in manufacturing.

Mr Girija Pande, co-author of the book,said, India and China relationship is one of the 10 most important relationship in the world. He predicted that Chinese companies will invest around 25-30 billion dollars in India over the next 5-10 years in various sectors including power plants, telecom equipment and manufacturing as well as infrastructure. He added that with active engagement, China and India can produce global companies. He said there is great opportunity for India to partner with China and this book is like a guide for examining the challenges and opportunities of doing business in these countries.

Mr Ninad Karpe, CEO and MD, Aptech Ltd,  highly appreciated the efforts of the authors of that this was the most opportune time for a books which talks about the relationships of the two major economies – India and China. With the new government in India, this has a clear mandate from the people of India. The new PM is viewing China as a strategic partner of India. This marks the beginning of the long standing economic relationship of China and India.

Mr Sridhar Venkiteswaran, Executive Director Avalon Consulting said, manufacturing in India and exporting to China is much more competitive today. In the next few years, there will be a gradual change of Indian companies looking at China from just sourcing to a great market.

By Sarkaritel July 21, 2014 11:47