How Businesses Use Bonuses to Attract New Customers

By Newsdesk August 11, 2022 20:31

How Businesses Use Bonuses to Attract New Customers

One of the most effective marketing ploys in businesses is offering customers bonuses. While the bonuses and incentives may have different purposes, the end goal is usually to attract new customers and keep the existing ones.

These bonuses may come in form of discounts, referral bonuses, profit-sharing bonuses, holiday bonuses, cashbacks, and annual bonuses. In this article, we have mentioned some popular industries and how they use bonuses to promote their business.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a large one with numerous brands looking to get customers’ attention. Hence, business owners have to put effective marketing strategies in place, including using customer incentives to attract buyers.

One of the popular bonuses the fashion industry uses is discounts. Some companies have a fixed percentage of discount they offer to their regular customers. Thus, while newer customers buy at a higher price, the regular ones find it cheaper. This helps them to keep the customers loyal to their brands.

Discounts could also be given when you fulfill particular purchase criteria. For example, a business could offer a 5% discount to all customers for purchases above $1,000. You can also get these discounts during special Black Friday deals, occasions like Christmas or the New Year.

Online casino gaming

World gambling statistics reveal that about 26% of the global population gamble. This means that about 1.6 billion people in the world gamble and 4.2 billion people bet at least once a year. As a result of the large gambling market, several new online casino brands are entering the industry every year.

To get the attention of customers, these new casinos offer different incentives and bonuses. Only the best casinos with quality gaming services and huge bonuses are able to attract many players.

The most popular types of incentives at online casinos are called welcome bonuses. As the name suggests, welcome bonuses are given as a reward to new players that join the casino. It is a form of appreciation for signing up.

Welcome bonuses may come in different forms, but the most popular ones are the no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus is an incentive given to a new player without requiring them to pay any money into their casino account. On the other hand, the match deposit bonus requires you to deposit some money first. These welcome bonuses are also called casino sign up bonuses.

Existing members of casinos also get numerous bonuses, however, the welcome bonuses are usually larger. Examples of other casino bonuses are cashbacks, reload offers, free spins, and referral bonuses.

Gadgets and Electronics

This sector is another area where the demand and supply are high. Hence, time after time, companies in this industry implore bonus strategies to get more customers. They make use of discounts, referral bonuses, and commission sales.

Another form of bonus popular in this sector is giveaways, especially with companies that sell online. They may host competitions and surveys online where winners and participants are rewarded with gadgets. Through this, they create more publicity for their brands.

Webhosting and Domain

The use of coupon codes is very popular in this sector. There are several sites online that advertise coupon codes for domain and web hosting companies. These coupon codes, when applied, give you a discount on your purchase.

New customer bonuses and Black Friday deals are also popular in this sector. For example, GoDaddy gives you up to a 75% discount on purchased domains for the first year. On Namecheap, you may also get a domain for as low as $0.98 instead of $8.98 for the first year.

By Newsdesk August 11, 2022 20:31