Homoeopathy Effective In Prolonging The Life Span Of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Patients Says Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta in International Convention

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Homoeopathy Effective In Prolonging The Life Span Of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Patients Says Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta in International Convention

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Mr. V S. 50 yr old businessman suddenly felt weakness in his hands and could not even unbutton his shirt one day. Gradually  developed incessant cough and choking with slurring in speech, and developing symptoms very fast. Initial treatment from various doctors did not show any improvement on the contrary getting more severe everyday, and was referred to Neurology specialist in hospitals and after battery of investigations like Blood, MRI, EMGs, NCVs etc. he was diagnosed to be suffering from a serious and fast progressive degenerative Neurological condition known as Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in 2010 and was given a life expectancy to be maximum of a year. The family was informed of the course of disease and was told that there is no treatment for such a disease still some prescription of Riluzole was given with the understanding that this is the only known medicine which may be of some help. Perplexed with this the family sought for  Homoeopathy as a trial after getting some reference seen on the internet of a Scientific paper on the study of 31 cases of MND and Homoeopathy  presented in 2009 in a conference of Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (AHML) by Dr.A.K.Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS. Today after 6 years Mr V S is not only alive but hale and hearty too with  Homoeopathy .There was a time when he had lost his voice completely and had to write to communicate, but with the Homoeopathic medicines he regained his voice and in fact even gained some weight back which he had lost pertaining to this dreadful disease with Homoeopathic treatment under the care of Prof.  Dr. Gupta, President Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Delhi state and Global Healthcare Excellence Awardee.


MND is a fast progressing and uncommon disorder of motor neurones which leads to progressive paralysis of cranial and skeletal muscles. Though the exact cause is not known to the medical world and scientists are working all around the globe. Onset may be insidious. First symptoms may be Stumbling, Weakened grip, Hoarse voice, Cramp or Muscle wasting. Condition is incurable and leads to death within a few years of diagnosis, generally 1-3 years.
The disease came to the notice worldwide when the celebrated Scientist Mr. Stephen Hawkins was diagnosed with ALS (the most common form of MND)

In a recently held International Convention at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, internationally renowned Homoeopathic Consultant, Prof. Dr. A. K. Gupta presented his clinical research of 112 cases of Motor Neuron Diseases (MND). This was in succession to earlier research papers on the same disease in LMHI 2011(New Delhi) and International Conference of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis, 2014 (Ecuador, South America) where 58 and 75 cases were taken up respectively to conduct the studies.

The research highlighted the efficacy of Homoeopathy in managing the patients of MND successfully. The study clearly showed how Homoeopathy has been able to help in improving the quality of life of the patients suffering from this incurable disease and also improving the life span of the patients diagnosed with MND.

In this 9 years long ongoing study conducted at the AKGsOVIHAMS Clinics by Dr. A. K. Gupta, MD(Hom.)Gold Medalist, and his team has thrown up a new ray of hope for all the patients of MND who are usually told that they won’t survive more than 1-3 years. Dr. Gupta showed through the study how various symptoms of the disease like Slurring of Speech, Fasciculations, Coughing, Choking, Difficulty in Swallowing, Salivation, Weakness, Tendency to Fall and Difficulty in Fine Movements can be lessened and managed successfully with Homoeopathic medicines. The study revealed some encouraging over all Symptomatic Improvement seen in patients of MND like Slurring of Speech-69%;   Fasciculations-88% ; Tongue Symptoms –        71%  ; Salivation –         54%; Coughing -57%; Difficulty in Swallowing -53% ;Weakness -51%;  Choking60% ; Tendency to Fall-73% ; Neck Holding   – 48%  were improved.


When the study was taken up at first in 2009, we had been able to achieve only 40% success and over the years with new additions and advancements, we have been able to help around 60% cases with Homoeopathy. These results have shown very encouraging signs and give hope of future research in the treatment of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in Homoeopathy along with other modes of medicine said Dr.A.K.Gupta, Founder Director AKGsOVIHAMS Homoeopathic Clinics  acclaimed in Limca Book of Records and Adviser Delhi Homoeopathic Board, Govt.of NCT Delhi.


The clinical research paper was presented in the  convention during World Homoeopathy Day  which was inaugurated by Shripad Yesso Naik, Hon’ble Minister of State (IC) for AYUSH, Govt. of India and graced by Mohd. Nasim, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh, Mr. Mushtaq Alam, Minister of State for Health, Govt. of Nepal, Mrs. Fozia Manzoor, Counsellor of  High Commission, Pakistan and Mr. Anura Jayawickrama, Health Secretary, Sri Lanka. Other noted guests included ministers from Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Mizoram and Sikkim. Besides key policymakers, esteemed international and national scientists and homoeopathy practitioners and researchers participated in the convention.

As many as 2100 delegates from 23 countries participated, including Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands, U.K., Austria, Armenia, Canada, Israel, Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, France, UAE, Cuba, Nepal, Turkey, Argentina, Slovenia, Pakistan, Ghana and Kenya.


Other highlights of the were, A postal cover and stamp of Dr.Hahnemann was also released by the Postmaster General  to commemorate his 261st birthday on World Homoeopathy Day.

Some other important topics of interest were Role of homoeopathy in Public health , Epidemics, Research , Education and Pharmocopia and even Role of homoeopathy in veterinary practice were also discussed apart from the diseases like Psoriasis, Deep vein Thrombosis, Cancer ,  Preventive and Global scenario,  PCOD, Diabetes, Coronary Heart diseases , Renal Failure, Renal calculi, Paediatric problems, HIV / AIDS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis etc.


Prof.Dr.A.K.Gupta is a widely travelled all over the world and has presented many scientific papers in various National and International Conferences here in India and abroad. At AKGsOVIHAMS Homoeopathic clinics his team  under his care is actively involved in treating some other rare diseases also like Epidermolysis Bullosa and Behcet’s disease etc. with Homoeopathy and is also treating patients worldwide. Dr. Gupta says that Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely & treat the patients in a holistic manner through www.ovihams.com .

Dr.Sanket Gupta, MD (Hom.)



Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta,MD(Hom.)
Sr. Homoeopathic Consultant,Gold Medalist

Advisor Media, Delhi Homoeopathic Board,Govt. of Delhi

President- Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI),Delhi

Ex.Member- Delhi Homoeopathic Board & Advisory Committee,Govt. of Delhi
Founder – A.K.GsOVIHAMS (Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy & Allied Medical Sciences)
Recipient-Global Healthcare Excellence Award 2013; Bharat Excellence Award, International Dr.Hahnemann Award of Millennium,Dhanwantri Award, Meritorious Award, Homoeopathic Gem Award, Lifetime Acheivemnet Award,
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