Homoeopathic fraternity condemns the FDA advisory against homoeopathy teething tablets & gels

By Sarkaritel October 6, 2016 11:49

Homoeopathic fraternity condemns the FDA advisory against homoeopathy teething tablets & gels

06dr_guptaDr. A.K.Gupta ,President Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI), Delhi  (The largest body of Homoeopathic Doctors) said that the homoeopathic fraternity at large condemns the recently published news of US FDA : Homoeopathic Teething tablets harmful . strongly


Homoeopathic fraternity at the outset rejects it  & argues the Hypocrisy in the reports time to time onslaught by the sceptics and Pharma industry , like it was said earlier that “Homoeopathy is just Placebo”  and does not have any substance and if it doesn’t have any substance then how can it have any harmful effect as per latest “ Homeopathic Teething Tablets Harmful” . said Dr. A K Gupta emphatically.

He says that  though Homoeopathy is a safer medicine , but still it should be taken under the guidance of a registered homoeopathic doctor. Since homeopathic remedy is individual and symptom based. Dr. Gupta lauded by saying that “Homeopathy Ensures Health Safely”  to be taken judiciously.

When one so-called homeopathic toothpaste or gel is banned, how can they say homeopathy is harmful to kids???? Shame on those paid media people for this cheap news reports! People are not fools to get misguided by such paid reports!!! Says Dr Rafeeque from Kerala

some gel used for dental cleaning, banned by FDA, not clearly known, but the local media is celebrating as if homeopathy is harmful to kids.

Toothpaste is patent product….
How they can say regarding Whole Homoeopathy….it’s really shameful…. I personally Condemn..!

This is dogmatic & derogatory … It’s just an effort to dissuade people sply the parents to use Homoeopathy. As Homoeopathy has been widely accepted & used for the young children. Even Allopathic doctors & their families have been known using Calc Phos for teething problems in children widely. Most of the chemists keep it & sell it as OTC. Strange at one time they propagate that Homoeopathy is placebo & later say it has side effects. Which to believe…NONE. Both statements are wrong.

Dr Sumodh NairThe modus operandi adopted by this allopathic people is to undermine the system of homeopathy as its effective and cheap medicines have  become  a headache to the allopathic industry

Dr Sunil  Singh said Toothpaste is patent product….
How they can say regarding Whole Homoeopathy

Dr Geetha Thomas said  Healthy toothpaste selecting on the basis of colour code below the tooth paste our gum fort gel is black colour mark which means more chemical is added in it . our. medicine so safe

These were the reactions from homoeopaths.

Meanwhile the Hyland  toothpaste company has given their clarification and advisory on the report. https://www.hylands.com/media/news/hylands-response-fda-advisory-regarding-homeopathic-teething-tablets-and-gels

Prof.Dr.A.K.Gupta, President HMAI urged the media to restrict the malafide intentions of the big Pahrma industries calculated onslaught on Homoeopathy. On the contrary Homoeopathic medicines are not only safe and are very effective& showing good results in treating the present scenario of Chikungunya, Dengue . Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of Similia Similibus Curenter discovered by German Physician Dr.Hahnemann  and survived more than 2oo years because of its efficacy and curative powers  and treating even rare diseases also concluded Dr.Gupta.

By Sarkaritel October 6, 2016 11:49