Happiness in Life – Mantra of Hormones for Wellness

By Sarkaritel November 11, 2021 08:39

In today’s world , one finds it to be very difficult to be happy and maintain Wellness due to various situations and challanges in life. As life is Limited between If’s and But’s , whereas Ifs and But’s have No Limits..
Understand the phenomenon of happiness and follow the advice to be happy and keeping wellness.
There are four hormones which determine a *human’s happiness -*
1. *Endorphins*
2. *Dopamine*
3. *Serotonin*
4. *Oxytocin*
It is important that we understand these hormones, as we *need all four* of them *to stay happy.*
1. *Endorphins*
*When we exercise, the body releases Endorphins.* This hormone helps the body cope with the pain of exercising. We then *enjoy exercising* because these Endorphins will make us happy.
*Laughter is* another good way of *generating Endorphins.* We need to spend *30 minutes exercising* every day, read or *watch funny stuff* to get our day’s dose of Endorphins.
2. *Dopamine*
In our journey of life, we accomplish many *little and big tasks, it releases* various levels of *Dopamine*.
*When we get appreciated for our work at the office or at home,* we feel accomplished and good, that is *because it releases Dopamine.* This also explains *why* most *housewives* are *unhappy* since they *rarely* get *acknowledged* or appreciated *for their work.* Once, we join work, we *buy* a car, a house, the latest gadgets, a *new house* so forth. In each instance, it *releases Dopamine* and we become happy.
3. *Serotonin*
Serotonin is released when we *act in a way that benefits others.*
When we transcend ourselves and give back to others or *to nature or to the society, it releases Serotonin.* Even, providing useful information on the internet like *writing information* blogs, answering peoples questions on Quora or *Facebook groups will generate Serotonin.* That is *because* we will use our *precious time to help other* people via our answers or articles.

4. *Oxytocin*

Oxytocin released *when* we become *close to other human* beings.
When we *hug our friends* or family *Oxytocin is released.* The *Jadoo Ki Jhappi* from Munnabhai *does really work.* Similarly, when we *shake hands* or put our *arms around* someone’s shoulders, various amounts of *Oxytocin is released.*
So, it is simple, we have to *exercise every day* to get *Endorphins,*
we have to *accomplish* little *goals* and get *Dopamine,* we *need to* be *nice* to others to *get  Serotonin* and
finally *hug our kids,* friends, and families to *get Oxytocin* and we will *be happy.*
*When we are happy, we can deal* with our challenges and *problems better.*
Now, we can understand *why we need to hug a child who has a bad mood.*
So to *make your child* more and more *happy* day by day :-
1. *Motivate him to play* on the ground *-Endorphins*
2. *Appreciate your child* for his small big achievements *-Dopamine*
3. *Inculcate sharing* habit through you to your child *-Serotonin*
4. *Hug* your child *-Oxytocin*
*To Have a Happy Life*.
Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta, MD(Hom.)
Founder Director- AKGsOVIHAMS Medical Center
President HMAI, Delhi State.
M- 7011842322
By Sarkaritel November 11, 2021 08:39