Conversion row continues in Rajya Sabha

By Sarkaritel December 19, 2014 15:28

Conversion row continues in Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi, Dec 19  The opposition Friday continued its demand for a statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of conversions, disrupting zero hour in the Rajya Sabha.

Raising the issue, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, who had been busy with Jammu and Kashmir elections and was not present in the house earlier, said the issue is serious and no one but the prime minister can give an assurance.

“The conversions that are taking place, I read a statement from a US secretary that they are monitoring the situation,” said Azad.

“The prime minister gets respect wherever he goes because he is representing the diverse people of India. When there were doubt about his image, he was not welcomed,” said Azad.

He said Modi needs to assure the nation that people and their religion are safe.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar then suggested that Azad should start the debate right away. However, opposition members once again trooped near chairman’s podium.

The house was then adjourned till 12 noon.

By Sarkaritel December 19, 2014 15:28

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