October 18, 2017   
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Neyveli, Oct 05 In recent days, a group of Neyveli Contract Labour Union demands wages and bonus as prescribed by the Central Government to all contract workmen working in NLC India Limited. Among the total contract workmen working in NLC India Limited, 90 % of them are working under the category of Unskilled, 8% are Semi-Skilled and 2 % are Skilled and Highly-skilled categories. Till, 18.01.2017, they were paid daily wages as Rs.526.20; Rs.546.20; Rs.561.20 and Rs.571.20 respectively.

On 19.01.2017, Union Ministry of Labour Welfare & Employment, announced revised daily wages of Rs.350; Rs.410; Rs.494; and Rs.579, respectively, which are to be paid to the above 4 categories of contract workers. It also announced, from 01.04.2017, the contract workers are to be paid as Rs.359; Rs.420; Rs.506 & Rs.593; in the same notification it was clearly stated, that, if the contract workmen are already receiving the daily wages, more than the prescribed amount, as announced by Ministry of Labour should be continued as minimum wage.

Since unskilled workers are getting Rs.526.20, which is 46.57% over and above the prescribed minimum wage, it was announced as minimum wage since 19.01.2017. Like so, the semi-skilled personnel are getting 30.04 % and skilled workers are getting 10.90% over and above the minimum wage prescribed by the Central Government; hence their drawing wage has been considered as minimum wage. Whereas, the highly skilled workers are drawing a minimum wage of Rs.571.20, which is lesser than the prescribed minimum wage announced by the Government, the NLC India fixes Rs.579/- as minimum wage for them, from 19.01.2017.

As the Central Government advised to give wage hikes to the four categories of Contract Workmen with effect from 01.04.2017, as Rs.359, Rs.420, Rs.506 and Rs.593 as the minimum wages drawn already by all the four categories, such as Rs.526.20, Rs.546.20, Rs.561.20 & Rs.593.00 has been re-fixed as minimum payable wage from 01.04.2017; and the Contractors were advised to follow, accordingly, through the circular dated 23.08.2017 and 28.08.2017. Consequently, as far as minimum wage payable to contract workmen, concerned, NLC India Limited instructed contractors, already, to pay, the wages, which stands over and above the minimum wage prescribed by the Central Government to about 99% of contract employees.

As far as bonus is considered, the bonus payable to the contract workmen has already been fixed as 8.33% of minimum wage, as prescribed by the Central Government. NLC India Limited issued a Circular, dated 30.09.2017 to all the Contractors, in which, it was asked to issue bonus to the workmen working under their control, before 10.10.2017, by taking into consideration of the minimum wage of Rs.308.40, for the period upto 19.01.2017 and Rs.526.20 from 19.01.2017 to 31.03.2017 for the unskilled workers. According to the category, the contract workmen would receive the bonus as Rs.9165.73; Rs.9457.20; Rs.9722.84 & Rs.9877.50 respectively.

As per the law, the bonus payable is 8.33% of minimum wage or Rs.7,000/- whichever is higher. On a good-will basis NLC India Limited extended to issue bonus / ex-gratia, to all the contract workmen, as per the actual wages they received from 19.01.2017. For which, the contractors had already instructed, accordingly. Based on NLC India’s order, the unskilled worker would get Rs.1100/- as extra bonus amount and other categories would also get fair increase.

Also, in the Current Financial Year, the minimum wage of Rs.526.20 would be taken into account (for unskilled – who occupies 90% of total workmen), for calculation of bonus; which in turn, the contract workmen would get higher bonus amount. Though the contract workmen are getting minimum wage, as well as higher bonus, which is more than the Government guideline. Some persons, under the banner of Union spreading wrong messages among the working community and performing dharna infront of the Central Labour Welfare Commissioner’s Office to damage the image of the Company. Hence, all the contract workmen and general public are requested not to trust the incorrect misinformation and the reason are explained, herein.