November 22, 2017   
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New Delhi: Exam time is always a stressful period for students that can have significant influence not only on their physical health but also on their mental well-being. Keeping in view these challenges, a  talk was organized by the Indian Institute of Mass Communication for their students as they are scheduled to appear for their semester examinations in a couple of days. Mr. Kaartik Gupta, MSc., M.Phil(Cl.Psy.) Clinical Psychologist at AKGsOVIHAMS was invited to take the session on “How to beat examination blues”.  The talk was attended by students belonging to different courses, who had come to gain some useful tips for handling stress and anxiety during the examination period.


It was an interactive session wherein some students shared about the difficulties they have in remembering things, while others wanted to know ways by which they could improve their concentration. Mr. Kaartik Gupta gave the audience some useful insight into the nature and causes of exam anxiety, and even shared experiences from his own student life to which the audience could readily relate. Much emphasis was laid on preparing well for the exams and taking care of one’s health during this phase. Some useful tips were given by the speaker to the students for maintaining calm and handling the anxiety before, during and even after writing the exams. The highlight of the session was the deep breathing exercise in which all the students present in the auditorium participated and learned a very effective technique for remaining relaxed even in stressful situations.


Mr. Kaartik Gupta, who also provides his services at IIMC, AKGsOVIHAMS Clinics, Samvedna also ,ensured his full support and professional help to the students as and when required. Overall, it was an informative and useful session for the students as the application of these methods would help them beat the examination blues and come out on top in flying colours!


Mr. KG Suresh Director General IIMC appreciated the interactive session of Mr. Kaartik Gupta and urged to have more such sessions in future also as his continued innovative approach to the benefit of students, faculty & staff of the prestigious institution of the country. His dynamic actions has already brought many laurels to the IIMC at National & International level. ADG Mr. Mayank Aggarwal and Professor Dr. Surabhi was also graced the session with their presence.