Act as a bridge between Centre and State – UP Governor Designate Ram Naik

By Sarkaritel July 17, 2014 18:32

Act as a bridge between Centre and State – UP Governor Designate Ram Naik

14ram_naikNaik takes oath of office on July 22 at Lucknow

By TN Ashok

New Delhi, July 17: Mr Ram Naik, Uttar Pradesh Governor Designate, will take oath of office on July 22 at Lucknow.  He will be administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice of the UP High court Chandrachud before a select gathering of distinguished people.

“My primary task is to act as a bridge between the centre and the state “, he said on his new found role in a gubernatorial post after 54 years of distinguished career in politics in the BJP starting with the Jana Sangh, which saw him five terms in the lok sabha, and twice as the Railway Minister and Petroleum Minister, a tenure that saw a lot of reforms in the ministries.

Mr Naik, represented North Bombay (now Mumbai) , from 1989 to 2004, as an MP in the Lok Sabha for a period of 25 years before deciding in September 2013 not to contest elections any more.

Mr Naik, who has turned 80, was selected by the BJP party high command to be the governor of UP , recently when it made the appointments of several new governors in the states recognising his seniority and maturity as a seasoned administrator and as a experienced party loyalist.

His appointment to this sensitive opposition SP ruled state is significant as UP is a key state in the country as it has the maximum number of 80 MPs in the 16th Lok Sabha.  BJP made history by winning as many as 72 of the 80  seats trouncing the Congress and breaking the strangle hold of the ruling SP and the BSP,  considered the champion of the dalit vote.

Answering questions, the veteran politician that he is, Mr Naik said issues to focus in the state were law and order situation, educational reforms and security and safety of the common citizen in the state.

Answering a question from a newsman on the demand from opposition parties that the UP government be dismissed as the law and order situation was steadily deteriorating, Mr Naik said, “ I am an appointee of the president of India and he has given me a copy of the constitution. I will follow the constitution in letter and spirit”. He said the law and order situation in several states had become an issue and it was the duty of these governments to ensure safety and security to life and property of the common man.

Mr Naik said he had a special responsibility towards the state of Uttar Pradesh as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been elected from Varanasi and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, with whom governors coordinate their work, was also elected from Lucknow. Their promise for the development of UP would be a priority that he would have to oversee as a governor in advising the state government.

On a question of how he would look at some the vexatious issues confronting Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra as migrant labour from UP was being treated as outsiders by some local forces there, Mr Naik said, there was a 300 year old history that bonded the people of UP with Maharashtra and that illustrious people from UP had held high posts in Maharashtra.   He said 25% of the population in Maharashtra were from UP and they had contributed to the progress of the state.

Mr Naik pointed out that when the announcement of his governorship came, he had received 600 sms congratulating him and of this 450 were from officers in the UP government service.

Mr Naik had met with the BJP President Amit Shah, the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh and Surface Transport and Shipping Minister Nithin Gadkari during his stay in the capital. He is scheduled to meet senior BJP leaders LK Advani and  Murli Manohar Joshi shortly.

Mr Naik said he had also received phone calls from the UP Chief Minister Akilesh Yadav and the SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav congratulating his on his appointment as the governor of the state. He said he would be receiving and meeting them soon after he assumes office in UP as the governor.

Mr Naik also met with the President of India Pranab Mukherjee and sought his guidance on functioning as a governor in UP. “We have known each other for several decades though we were on the opposite sides of the political firmament”, he said and recalled an interesting incident when Mr Mukherjee as a finance minister had made personal intervention to get the state owned LIC to release a plot of land in their hold to a school in Borivali , a constituency he represented once.

By Sarkaritel July 17, 2014 18:32