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Prof Dr.A.K.Gupta, President Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Delhi said  that Homoeopathy is the choice of treatment for Chikungunya .As lots of patients are being treated and being benefited with Homeopathic  treatment.Any changing season, brings with it a set of infectious and at times communicable diseases. Rainy season is usually the most troublesome season especially in tropical countries like India where due to unhygienic and water logged areas give rise to tremendous and deadly infectious diseases.

chikenguniya4If dengue was the “disease of the season” last year, then it is Chikungunya this year. The rate at which we are seeing Chikungunya patients every day in our clinics is absolutely alarming! Dengue patients reported this season have been much lesser though. The Chikungunya virus is a notorious one as it is much more distressing as compared to the common flu. The joint pains are lasting even after the fever is gone. Patients are complaining of severe pain and swelling in the joints affected by the virus. A macular rash is also being seen in almost all the cases of Chikungunya says the Director of AKGsOVIHAMS ( Om -Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) .

chikenguniya1The Chikungunya name has come from Africa language meaning “that which bends up” and aptly describes the stooped appearance of the patient with joint pains due to the disease caused by Aedes Aegypti &Aedes Albopicus . It is not a contagious disease. Typical symptoms are similar to that of Dengue, Sudden onset of Fever, Severe Headache, Chill, Nausea/Vomitining and Severe Joint Pains.  Mostly patients recover fully but in some cases the joint pains may persist for few weeks or months.  These days common antipyretics and painkillers etc. have also not been found very effective eas compared to the small and sweet Homoeopathic medicines. The number of patients opting for Homoeopathy in this viral season has been huge . The major reason for this being the ability of Homoeopathic medicines to bring down the fever and pain in a much quicker time than the conventional  medicines. Homoeopathic medicines have been able to control the rapid rise in fever as well as progressive and excruciating joint pains.

chikenguniya2Along with the medicines, patients have been advised to take adequate rest, increase the intake of liquids in general. Coconut water has been found out to be extremely useful during the fever these days. Patients should avoid mosquito exposure either by staying in places with screens or by using mosquito nets advised Dr.Gupta.

A lot of false negative tests are seen these days of chikungunya. The patients are presenting with typical clinical symptoms, but on getting the investigation specifically for chikungunya, is coming out to be negative. Reasons for that could be the similar symptoms of Zika virus which is quiet prevalent these days; or the wrong timing of getting the test done. Usually we have seen in our practice, that the chikungunya infection if present, shows positive lab test only from the 4th day onwards. Any test done before that is showing negative result despite the clear cut clinical presentation.


Homoeopathic medicines like Rhus tox, Eupatorium perf., Gelsemium, Arsenic album, Natrum Sulph., Bryonia alba, Nux vomica, Apis mel, Sulphur, Polyporus Pinicola etc. are some of the successfully used medicines this season. There are a lot of messages and information being spread these days via social media that Ocimum sanctum, the Homoeopathic medicine made from Indian herb ‘Tulasi’ if taken in 200 potency, just 3 doses will cure Chikungunya. He warns people not to fall pray to such things and should not take any medicine on your own. He suggests that one should see a registered homoeopath and take medicine under physician care. Homoeopathic medicines are selected and prescribed by taking a lot of factors into account like physical and mental makeup of the person, his susceptibility, his likings and disliking, his thirst for water, etc. so, for the same disease like Chikungunya 2 patients may get totally different medicines and both will get cured said the President  of HMAI Delhi, Dr.A.K.Gupta. Patinets with post Chikungunya pains are also being relieved of their pains with homoeopathic medications ,he mentioned.

More on – https://youtu.be/Pu04BstXpK8


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